Sunday, September 20, 2009


A More Graphic Warning For Smokers

It seems that cigarettes are going to have more graphic warnings on them. This is because of the government (of course) that is trying to deter people from smoking.

I know that President Obama smokes although he has said that it is something that he is struggling with.

But according to an online article, cigarette labels will now come with more graphic pictures and warnings, I guess in an attempt to get people to stop smoking.

Of course this does not deter me at all! I'm not too anxious to see what these kinds of warnings and pictures will look like but it still isn't going to stop me from smoking!

On another note I am without cigarettes again! My Adsense won't be kicking in until around the 25th of this month (according to The Adsense Consultant so I'm working with the law of attraction to attract more cigarettes into my life!

Graphic Cigarette Warning Lables

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I don't like smokers. They smell. They litter. Secondhand smokes kills. Those who smoke in public should be sent to prison.

a pack a day smoker brand marlboro changing brands?been smoking since i was 15 ..i am now 39

I suppose that almost anyone is entitled to their opinion. Is your comment going to make me stop smoking? No it is not.

If you don't like someone else's cigarette smoke - then just get out of the way.

I have seen far more worse litterers than smokers.

Since you're not a smoker I wouldn't expect you to understand us that do smoke.

I was never a fan of the Marlboro brand of cigarette. I have smoked one or two when I bummed cigarettes but didn't like them too much.

Now that I have tasted your brand, maybe you should try my brand (Kools) and see what you think of them.

I'm always glad to hear from another smoker! Thanks for commenting on my blog.

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